Health care in Czechia

Health care in Czechia


Health services are one of the most important public services of any society. The issue of access to health services is a very current topic, which is addressed not only by a number of state administration bodies and institutions, but also by the public itself. The take-up and provision of outpatient health services is not uniform throughout Czechia; on the contrary, there are significant regional differences. Significant factors influencing the availability of health services include the age structure of both the population and the providers of these services. The aim of this project is to point out the areas of Czechia where there are currently the greatest potential problems with ensuring the availability of a selected segment of health services with regard to aging of both health service recipients (population) and providers of these services (doctors).

The application and its detailed description are available in Czech only.

Authors of the application

Mgr. Kateřina Maláková

author of the Health care in Czechia application

Mgr. Josef Laštovička, Ph.D.

cartographer of the Health care in Czechia application